Thabang Madiba



2013: South African Long Distance Trail Running Champion
2013: 22nd in 10th World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge (Poland)
2014: South African Long Distance Trail Running Champion
2014: 2nd Otter African Trail Race
2015: Two Oceans Marathon Trail Race Champion
         Skyrim African Champ
2016: Racing Madagascar Champion
2017: Dodo Trail 50km 2nd 
         Heritage Southern Peaks 40km 2nd 
         Run The Burg 50km Multi Day Champion 
2018: 4Peaks 24km Mountain Race Champion 
         4Peaks 24km Mountain Race and Classic Route Record 
2019: South African 40km Trail Running Champs 3rd
         Nissan 40km trail seeker leg1 Winner 
         Nissan 40km trail seeker leg2 Winner 

What is the biggest accomplishments in your sport?
Winning South African trail running championships two years in a row 2013-2014 and Skyrun African Champs 2015.

What are keys to your success when it comes to training?
Persistent training without injuries is a way to victory. 

What is your biggest challenge, and what do you do to manage this challenge?
Balancing training, family and work. I try to start training at 4am so that I can have enough time to rest.

What was the best advice you were ever given?
Try not to rush when doing things, to avoid big mistakes. 

Do you have a motto or a saying that you live by?
Do what you love with all your heart and the rest will follow. 

What is your next goal that you would like to achieve?
Podium finish at one of the European high profile trail races.

What do you like and dislike most about your sport?
Suffering due to altitude sickness is a major set back for me. 
What I like about trail running is that it took me to many places I never thought I could see. I get the opportunity to access places where no human being is allowed in, unless is during a race. I learned to respect nature and how blessed we are as humans to be able to connect to nature through being in the mountains or trail running. I always say it is my book of life, because I learn so much from it. 

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