Specialized Training Programs and Coaching

Uniquely designed for every athlete

Sterk Span Coaching Academy ranks as one of the leading triathlon academies in South Africa. We are one of the few entities that can offer the complete coaching package for any aspiring triathlete, cyclist, runner or swimmer. Our class leading sports facilities, training sessions, online training programs and coaching software contribute to develop and coach athletes to reach their full potential. We are a no-frills sports coaching entity focusing on our task at hand. We constantly develop and produce some of the best endurance sport athletes in the country. At the same time, we need to mention that we also specialize in coaching and developing beginner triathletes, cyclists, runners and swimmers towards their first sporting event and successfully achieving their goals.

What Is “Real Coaching” As A Concept?

There are a lot of triathlon squads, training groups or academies that claim to offer coaching programs or can assist you in preparing towards your next triathlon event. Ask the following questions: 

  • Do these coaches carry any form of Triathlon South Africa sanctioning?

  • What prior sports specific knowledge and personal racing experience do these coaches hold?

  • On what level did the person compete and in how many different sporting formats?

  • What qualifications do these coaches hold?

  • What facilities do they offer and if at all, do they offer contact sessions between the coach and athlete? If not, how do they coach and teach someone to compete in any sort of sporting event?

  • How many elite triathlon national team members do they coach in triathlon and what is their success rate across the board of sport in general. Thus, can they coach triathletes to compete in Ironman, 70.3 Ironman, Olympic Distance, Xterra and other related sporting events?

Are You Currently Injured?

Athletes often struggle with chronic or recurring injuries. This can be due to the wrong training program or ill advice they received. Our sports medicine and rehabilitation network include a variety of medical practitioners that we work with every day. With their help and some of the best sport specialized tailor-made training programs and coaching sessions, injuries can be treated and avoided.

Who Would Benefit From Coaching?

Complete Novice Athletes That Needs:

  • Advice on how to balance a training program, family life and work.

  • Guidance on training equipment selection.

  • Which races to do and how much time is needed in preparation for a big event.

  • Motivation and guidance to achieve their first major sporting goal

Seasoned Athlete That Needs:

  • A different approach on how to achieve the allusive PB.

  • A training regime that is sustainable and effective to ensure constant improvements and development within the sport.

Elite Athlete That Needs:

  • The best advice on how to shave critical seconds off race times.

  • To improve skill level to enable them to compete on the highest level possible.

  • An environment of like-minded elite athletes working continuously to improve and push each other to higher levels of performance.

  • Coaches that are dedicated to help achieve goals and manage athlete sustainably in order to have longevity in their sporting careers, by minimizing injuries and keeping them mentally motivated.

Weekly we offer advice and trying sessions for triathlon, swimming, learn to swim for adults, cycling, running and related sports such as adventure sports.
Our athlete base range lifestyle orientated individuals to national level athletes who compete at the highest level possible. We also offer services and training sessions for weight and lifestyle management.