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Michelle Vlasakova

Michelle is the head coach of Plavani United Swimming Academy, which operates in association with Sterk Span, for high performance specific swimmers. She is a 7-time Czech National Champion in breaststroke and freestyle categories.


She currently coaches multiple age group national swimming champions, national level triathletes and runs one of the strongest elite swimming squads in Gauteng.


She has also won the Midmar Mile in her age group for three consecutive years (2015, 2016 and 2017).


She assists Sterk Span from a structural and technical point of view by helping the coaches of the academy to be up to date with the latest training and research advancements in swimming and performance-based coaching. Her input is invaluable to the academy. It should fill each and every swimmer with confidence knowing that a talented and experienced individual such as Michelle has involvement in structuring swimming programs for the academy.


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