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Hannah Newman

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I was introduced to multi-sport racing in primary school by my coach Carna Kriel along with encouragement from my mom. It was mostly for fun back then but at 12 years old when I raced my first triathlon SA Champs, I was hooked. 

For a few years I enjoyed racing in various branches of the multi-sport world (triathlon, duathlon, biathlon etc.) at a national level along with being focused on school work and other activities (violin, piano, hockey and swimming) while I was coached by Kate Roberts (Murray). 

Only when I moved to Sterk Span in 2018 did Nico Sterk help me realise my potential in the sport of triathlon, and we have started working towards an Olympic goal. 


What is the biggest accomplishments in your sport?

Being selected to race as an U23 at the World Triathlon Championships in Edmonton this year (2021) 


What are keys to your success when it comes to training?

Consistency is key in a sport like triathlon. Besides the actual training it’s the extra things that are important, like preparing for sessions, your nutrition, recovery, checking your equipment and conditioning. It’s also helpful having a good squad to train with. 


What is your biggest challenge, and what do you do to manage this challenge?

It’s challenging to stay motivated to train even when you are exhausted or when there are other fun things you would rather want to do. But the disappointment from not performing in a race is motivation to get your training done. You must always keep your goals in mind. You also need to surround yourself with people who fully support your goals. 


What was the best advice you were ever given?

Never turn down an opportunity - My mom. 


Do you have a motto or a saying that you live by?

Nothing worth having comes easy. 


What is your next goal that you would like to achieve?

Win SA Champs 2022 in the Elite group. 


What do you like and dislike most about your sport?

What I like most is the diversity of having three sports in one, so you never get bored in training. 

I wish the competitive triathletes in South Africa would come together more, to promote our sport so that we can all benefit. 




SA Triathlon Championships - 4th U23 Elite 

Cullinan2Tonteldoos Mountain Bike Race - 1st Mixed Team with Adriaan Myburgh and 3rd Overall Team 

African Triathlon Cup and Pan Arab Championships Sharm El Sheikh - 6th Elite 

African Triathlon Championships Sharm El Sheikh - 3rd U23 Elite and 5th Elite 

Masselspoort ATU Sprint Triathlon African Championships - 18th Place Elite 

Joburg Ultra Triathlon - 2nd Female in Sprint Distance

SA Triathlon Champions - 3rd 18-19 Junior Girls

Shandrani ATU Triathlon African Championships - 6th Junior 

TTA Provincial Championships - 1st Female Standard Distance Triathlon

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